Planning a Pet-Friendly Holiday

Better weather means that lots of us will be going on minibreaks in the UK. For those of us with furry family members, our plans have to allow for their care. Decisions must be made such as whether you’ll put them in a kennel, cattery or other boarding establishment.

Do you employ a pet sitter to visit your house and take care of them, or rely on a friend, neighbour or family member to pop in? Some people can’t bear to leave their pet behind, and for them it is crucial to find a dog-friendly ho

Julia Child is brought to life on HBO Max

Lauded as the woman who brought French cuisine to the American masses, Julia Child is a legend to home cooks everywhere. She was a prolific writer, with her debut volume Mastering the Art of French Cooking still popular 61 years later, and was one of the first TV chefs (pipped to the post by Fanny Cradock). After a TV interview where, instead of sitting still and talking about her new book, she stood up and gave a live demonstration, she inspired women (in particular) to add new dishes to their

Where to Buy in France Now: Sauzé-Vaussais

Ready to make the move? The FrenchEntrée Property team reveals its top search areas – on and off the beaten track.

You’ll find Sauzé-Vaussais (Sauzé to locals) out west, in Nouvelle-Aquitaine’s lush Deux-Sèvres département. Close to the Marais Poitevin marshes – nicknamed the ‘Green Venice’ for their skin of luminous, floating duckweed – this is a tranquil area known for its attractive countryside. If you’re seeking a peaceful place to retire, or somewhere rural to run a thriving gîte business,

Property Update: Starting a Business in France

France is a popular place to go for entrepreneurs and businesspeople. If you’re going to start a business, why not do it in a dreamy location? With recent reports claiming that French people tend to be wealthier than in the UK and the US, it seems like a great place to start…

What do I need to start a business in France?

In France you need certain documents – or at least started the process to obtain them. These are two documents that you need before you can go any further. What you need are:

Foreign Office Urges Brits to Return Home Now

We would like to share this message from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office.

The Foreign & Commonwealth Office announced on 23 March that all UK nationals travelling in France should return to the UK without delay, whilst commercial options are still available.

We now strongly recommend that if you live in the UK and are currently in France, whether working, on holiday, or travelling, you should return now, where and while there are still commercial routes available.

International travel is al

French News Weekly: Coronavirus in France

Unsurprisingly, the international news cycle has been full of Covid-19 developments over the past couple of weeks. What stories have hit the French headlines in the past week?

Following an emergency meeting, France has declared a state of emergency for the nation’s health, lasting two months. The law is coming into force immediately, pending approval by the senate and the National Assembly. At the time of writing, there have been over 16,600 cases of Covid-19 and 674 known fatalities in France.

Your Guide To The Perfect Event App Pop-Up

If you have a mobile device, and use apps, you will be familiar with push notifications. These concise messages pop-up on our screens to remind or persuade us to take action. While push notifications are a valuable marketing tool, they also serve as an important communication channel for event organisers. Need to get urgent information to your attendees quickly? Push notifications will tell them what they need to know, when they need to know it.

But how do you ensure attendees will take notice

How You Can Plan Sustainable Events

We think the key to a successful event is putting people first - and that means taking the environmental impact of your event into account while planning. We've brought together our top tips for making your next event a sustainable sensation. Go paperless!

Even the best-looking leaflets, programmes, brochures and business cards end up in the bin eventually. Use technology to your advantage and aim to rid yourself of printed collateral for good. Whether you start emailing receipts, have online t

3 Unexpected Event Security Tips

Whether we’re talking cryptocurrency or bag searches, “security” has become something of a buzzword over the last few years. Regardless of your event’s type or size, you want to know that your attendees are safe, and they need that reassurance too. It’s tricky to strike the balance as either under or overegging your security measures can lead to an awkward or even uncomfortable experience for your guests, at best, or leave your event vulnerable to legitimate threats at worst. So how do we hit th

New Appointment: Vanessa Bishop, Commercial Director

We’re delighted to announce the appointment of Vanessa Bishop to the role of Commercial Director (Australia, New Zealand and Asia). As CrowdComms’ Client Relationship Manager, Vanessa has been instrumental in growing the Australia business for over five years. Consolidating over twenty years’ tech industry experience with a passion for events, Vanessa has generated trusted relationships with key brands and organisations across the region. Her energy and creativity is always channelled into deliv

Why Registration Kiosks Will Transform Your Event

CrowdComms registration kiosks are fully customisable and beautifully designed. Whether you’re running a small networking function, an international conference or exhibition, our self-printing registration kiosks will deliver an engaging and efficient experience to your attendees. Plus you’ll get that all important ‘wow factor’ that will set your event apart.

Digitally enabled, our kiosks allow your guests to check-in and self-print their event badges in moments. You can manage pre-event and on